Rebuilt Machines & Used Parts Available

JQC often has rebuilt Encapsulating Machines and used parts for sale. Please see the list below and contact us directly with inquiries regarding these items. This list is updated regularly.

Rebuilt Zanasi 40F Encapsulator Available

 Price: $59,950













Rietsche Vacuum Pump

  • Model D-79650
  • Fully functional and compatible with Zanasi 40F

Price: $1,500


Used Change Parts Tooling Sets

  • Zanasi 40f Used Change Parts Set
  • Size (3) in excellent condition - includes Brand New Stainless Steel Dosator Head
  • Please send quote request here.

Zanasi 40E & F Used Spare Parts: AVAILABLE

  • JQC consistently has available a wide range of used spare parts for Zanasi 40E & F Encapsulators, and occasionally other machines, as well.
  • Please visit our Used Parts page to find our more.
  • Please see the list below for current available used spare parts and send quote inquiries here.