Better Than OEM

JQC components are BETTER than the OEM's, and here's why...


We routinely analyze the current failures of your existing parts, determine the root causes and offer strategic design and material improvements that are guaranteed to make your equipment run better and more efficiently than ever before. We will work with you to get your equipment running the way you need it to run... FLAWLESSLY

  • We have the benefit of 20/20 hind sight with over 25 years of precision machine parts experience
  • We have access to the latest materials and processes to improve performance 
  • We keep a close watch on industry regulations and requirements
  • We manufacture parts on the most technologically-advanced machinery available


If the part you need is not listed in our website catalog, simply contact us directly to arrange for a no-charge engineering consultation. Our highly-qualified team will reverse-engineer and, more importantly, "VALUE-ENGINEER" your parts for you to fit your needs and issues. Once we have the design and/or improvements, we send the sample and the drawings to our production team to estimate a production cost. A quote will then be sent to you for review. There is no obligation to purchase. Upon your first order, we can then stock your parts for future orders, upon request. We make it that easy!


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